Moving to Flutter

I spent 10 years working mostly in the PHP, Python, javascript, and the LAMP stack doing backend web development. Before that, I had worked primarily in C/C++ and various Assemblies, with a few excursions into projects that required other languages and technologies, such as FORTH, Visual Basic, COBOL or ADA. I enjoy working under the hood at the lowest levels when I can. I tend to be a bottom-up kind of developer. However, I have always felt I was lacking when it came to frontend design, While I can make almost anything work, I have great difficulty making it pretty! For this reason I have always worked with designers when the UI/UX was an important part of the project.

I started working with flutter back in 2017. When I found flutter I instantly fell in love with it! First, it felt nostalgic. It brought back memories of working with BASIC on a C64 or Coco but, it was also very productive and the Dart language has plenty of power for almost any task. The hot reloading and hot restarting really speed up development as almost instantaneous feedback allow you to experiment and see the results almost as fast as you can type! Also, while I still prefer backend to frontend development, low-level to high-level, and implementation rather than design, when it comes to developing with flutter I seem to produce better-looking apps. This is in part due to flutter’s Material Design and Cupertino components. Flutter is awesome, and it’s flexibility and freedom in design have also aided me in producing some pretty decent UI designs. Working in flutter just seems to release your inner child. It makes you want to explore the possibilities and experiment.

I have remained very active in the various slack channels for Flutter. Doing so has allowed me to help others and to learn from others. I have seen Flutter grow as a platform and Dart grow as a language. It has been a joy to interact with other Flutter developers and the Flutter/Dart communities are all very welcoming. I hope you all take the time to check out Flutter and experience the joy Flutter development brings.

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