Building a Simple Modal Line Editor in Python: A Step-by-Step Guide

In this comprehensive tutorial, we guide you through creating a simple modal line editor in Python. Starting from basic functionality, we progressively add features like inserting lines before or after a specified line and implementing a yank command. Perfect for those looking to enhance their Python skills with practical text editing capabilities.

Dynamically Adding Properties to Python Classes

In many programming scenarios, you may encounter situations where you need to dynamically add properties to classes. This can be especially useful in game development, where different game objects may require unique properties based on their specific functionality or state. In this tutorial, we will explore five methods of dynamically adding properties to classes: the crude method, monkey patching, and using decorators, Meta-Classes, and the setattr method. We will illustrate each method using a scenario of an adventure game where we have a Room class and an Item class. This allows our code to be more general.