Building Machines In Code – Part 3

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Creating the Tiny-P CPU In this post, we will finally write some code. I promise! We’ll be using Python here as one of the most popular languages these days according to the Tiobe index, narrowly beating out C. So, in the interest of reaching as many people as possible I settled on Python for this

Introduction to Algorithms with Dart

Once a novice developer learns the basic syntax of their programming language, and begins writing anything more than simple hello-world type apps, they start to encounter problems. At first, these problems seem daunting. To find answers, they usually start hitting the various software development forums and social sites where their kindred spirits tend to congregate

Multi-Group Checkboxes in Flutter

I spend a lot of time on the Flutter Slack channel (thanks Scott!), and I try and help as many people as possible during my breaks from my own work. Today I was asked how to implement multiple selectable groups of checkboxes in Flutter. I offered a solution which as is often the case, was

Design Patterns In Dart – Part 2

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The Singleton Pattern From time to time you’ll find you need to ensure that your code creates only a single instance of a class. This often occurs in hardware drivers or certain OS sub-systems. It’s not a feature you need often but, when you need it, you really need it! The singleton pattern is one

Dart / Flutter State Management with Okito

Recently in the slack flutter forum, the Okito package was announced. I took a quick look at the package but at the time didn’t have time to investigate it fully. This past week I got the chance to look the documentation over and produced my first ever Youtube video using Okito as the subject. In

Flutter Reaches 2.0

Flutter Reaches 2.0
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Compiling Legacy Dart/Flutter Code with Sound Null Safe Code Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about flutter, Googles (fairly) new cross-platform toolkit. I started working with flutter back in 2017 and it has been a lot of fun! This past week Google held a virtual event for flutter called Flutter Engage. During the

Implementing Stack Oriented Languages — Part 2

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Part 2 – The Parser It’s been some time since the first installment. It amazes me how quickly time flies by when you have so many projects at hand. So let’s jump right in and get coding! Before we get started though, let’s make some changes to our keywords file. First, we won’t need the